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Sunday Mornings with Ken Robinson

Every Sunday morning, from 6 AM to 9 AM, listeners can tune into “Sunday Mornings with Ken Robinson” on Rhema 99.7 for a unique blend of spiritual guidance, heartfelt discussions, and community engagement. Hosted by Ken Robinson, a seasoned broadcaster with a profound Christian walk, this program is meticulously designed to help Christians lead a better life and come closer to the Lord.

Ken brings his personal journey of faith into each episode, making the show relatable and enriching for anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

Each week, the program explores different facets of the Christian life. From teachings on biblical principles and their practical applications to discussions about daily challenges and spiritual growth, Ken covers a wide range of topics. These are carefully chosen not only to inspire but also to provoke thought and encourage active faith, with valuable insights to carry throughout the week.



About Ken

Ken Robinson hosts “Sunday Mornings with Ken Robinson” on Rhema 99.7, airing Sundays from 6-9 AM, aiming to inspire listeners towards Jesus and enrich their spiritual journey for the week ahead. He covers diverse topics, from faith applications to life’s hurdles, resonating with many Christian households.

Family is paramount for Ken, married to Wendy for 27 years, and a devoted father to Charlotte, Victoria, Alexandra, and Marshall. His family mirrors his values, providing unwavering love and support.

Ken’s commitment extends to community service, notably at Macquarie Life Church, where he’s a founding member of the Men’s Group, fostering spiritual growth among 30 men weekly for over 11 years.

Professionally, Ken’s media background includes roles in radio and print journalism, shaping his communication skills for his current venture as a video marketing company owner, blending media expertise with digital strategies for business growth.

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During leisure, Ken finds solace in nature, enjoying sailing and fishing on Lake Macquarie, activities that inspire creativity and relaxation.

In summary, Ken Robinson embodies faith, family, community, and professionalism. Through his radio show, church leadership, and entrepreneurial ventures, he impacts lives, urging others to lead spiritually fulfilling lives aligned with Christian values.