“It is so inspiring to listen to Christian content on radio helping to uplift and guide us when the world around is running at a fast pace away from God.” – Beverly

By answering the questions below, you’ll be speaking life into the Hunter even more effectively.

So please take a few minutes to share what matters to you. Your feedback is so important, and you can rest assured that your answers will stay anonymous.

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1. Rhema’s Vision and Mission: are clearly defined & you believe in what Rhema is doing?*

2. Rhema adds most value to your life through (tick all that apply):*

3. When you think of Rhema the first words that come to mind are (tick all that apply):*

4. Do you feel that your Rhema effectively serves the local Christian community?*

5. How do you primarily listen to Rhema?*

6. When not listening to Rhema, you listen to (tick all that apply):*

7. What genres of Christian music do you prefer? (Tick all that apply.):*

8. How do you feel about the current mix of music genres or artists on your Rhema?*

9. In relation to Rhema’s music, please consider which of these statements most resonate for you (tick all that apply):*

10. What times do you most often listen:

11. Which shows/announcers do you enjoy listening to?

12. Which teaching programs do you listen to?

14. What are some issues or areas you’d like to hear addressed on air?*

15. Which sentence resonates with you the most? (Select one.)*

16. How well does Rhema explain the need for your financial support?*

17. How much of an impact do you feel your donation makes?*

18. How satisfied are you with the recognition you receive for your financial support?*

19. How likely is it that you would consider leaving a contribution to Rhema in your Will?*

20. How often are Rhema’s email newsletter articles relevant to your life?*

22. Have you connected with Rhema in any of the following ‘non-radio’ ways? (Tick all that apply.)*

23. In the last 12 months have you bought/used a product or service because you heard them advertised on Rhema?*

24. Overall are you satisfied with the level and quality of advertisers represented on Rhema?*

25. Do you or someone you know own a business that could benefit from partnering with Rhema?*

26. Please indicate your age bracket:
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27. How would you describe your church involvement? (Tick all that apply.)*

29. How likely is it that you’d tell a family member, friend or colleague about the work of Rhema?*

30. When was the last time you listened to Rhema?*