Hunger Makes It Difficult For Maluk T0 Learn

Like so many in South Sudan, Nyantiopgai Maluk’s family is broken by war.

She lives in the Kiryandongo refugee camp in Uganda with her mother and siblings after they fled across the border to escape the violence. 

Her cattle-farming uncles were killed and their livestock stolen. Her father is separated from the family and lives in another refugee camp, trying to provide for his murdered brothers’ widows and children. 

Take Away Hunger Day 1

Alone, her mother does the best she can to provide for 14-year-old Maluk and her four siblings, but meeting their basic needs is physically and emotionally challenging.

“My mother had to go and borrow a loan; she came bringing bricks, and she built a new house. But now she has to pay the loan every month,” says Maluk. 

Take Away Hunger Day 2

The family grows crops to feed themselves and earn a little money, but the physical labour is taking its toll.

“We used to go and dig in other people’s gardens, and they gave us money, but now we cannot manage. My mother is having ulcers. We went to the hospital. They said that she’s not supposed to dig again,” says Maluk.

“Yesterday, I found my mother when she was planting, and at night she… was crying off her heart. She said she cannot manage to wake up.”

Hunger is a constant companion, at home and at school, but she is determined to succeed. She knows that education is a path out of poverty, and she and her siblings have big dreams. 

“Our family has not anybody who has ever been a doctor. My big sister is saying that she wants to become an engineer. And my young brother said that he wants to become a teacher – but I decided to be a doctor.”

Yet without enough to eat, it’s very difficult to learn. 

“Hunger bites my stomach every time if I don’t eat. But if I get food, I can stay inside the class. If I eat, I can listen to what the teacher is talking about. But if I do not eat, I cannot manage,” she says. 

That’s why Feed The Hungry is on the ground, providing fortified, nutritious meals to protect children like Maluk against malnutrition, help them to grow, and give them the energy they need to concentrate in the classroom.

Truck with Take Away Hunger Day Boxes

And you can help to feed a child like Maluk today. Your gift of just $6 on Take Away Hunger Day will feed a hungry child at school for a whole month. More than a meal, you’ll be helping to provide children with an education and the opportunity to know God’s love!

“If the food is not there at school, the children go and steal cassavas from the neighbours. But everyone feels happy when we start going for lunch – everyone is hurrying up to go and get food!” says Maluk, with a big smile.