Wayne Hindson chats with Chris Sebastian about his experience on the Voice Australia and finding his identity through God.


Tell us about that feeling, knowing that you’re in in the final, which is taking place on Sunday night.

Man, it was wild. And it was also kind of a double edged sword. I met Mark, the guy who I was up against for the semi-final around Christmas time. We were actually both at an event. But I hadn’t met him before that. So when I met him at The Voice, we kind of just instantly became mates. He’s turned out to now be one of my best mates. And so to be up against him so hard, obviously big and not only that, like we were helping each other working on the song. So he was at my studio a couple days before and we were going through how he was going to sing it and say, like, we’re proper friends, being up against him was really tough. Yeah, of course, in that moment I felt just so grateful to be chosen to go through.

So what does it mean for you to have made it into the finals?

At the moment, for me, I’ve often and I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone, like struggled with my own identity. Obviously, having a brother in industries presents its own challenges. But this for me, honestly, even if it isn’t shown to other people, as if everyone else doesn’t sort of see me as Chris Sebastian now, I definitely can. And that’s what has been the most special thing. It’s really given, not only the public, almost just an introduction to who I am and, you know, the real me. But it’s also given me that chance to see that, you know what, people are going to accept me for what I am and people are going to be able to see me for more than just, you know, that last name.

Chris Sebastian talking on finding his identity through God 1

It’s very much a life journey, isn’t it? Trying to find out who you are in God outside of what anyone else is thinking or saying or comparisons and all that kind of stuff.

Absolutely it is. I mean, there’s always going to be a preconceived notion. And the thing is, there’s so many people experiences I don’t want to make it seem like I’m the only one whose experience I think this is something that many people in any way, shape or form will go through. So that’s why for me, I think I just I keep coming back to this place of gratitude for the opportunity. I think like I’ve mentioned it last night, I was really close to sort of just residing to that fact that, ah, you know, I’ll sing other people’s songs, know I’ll be the singer in a band and that that’s kind of it because I’ve tried this for so long. But that’s the beauty of identity. You know, lucky. Our story is never finished. We keep on writing that story. We keep on adding to it and changing it. And that’s just life, you know. I’m grateful that I’ve got the opportunity. And to other people who are in that place right now. You know, we write our own destiny. We are in control of that. And don’t stop. You know, It’s definitely not the end yet.