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Lockdown Blog Competition Winning Entry

By Miriam Gray

I’ve really enjoyed lockdown this time around. It has given me time to just pause life and reassess. My youth group has been very good at ensuring we still have ways to keep in contact. We have bible study on a Wednesday, Youth on a Friday, and time to discuss the sermon on Sunday. This has been great. I have gotten more out of the sermons during COVID because we get a chance to talk them over with fellow youth.

School online is a little bit challenging. I have found it hard to switch off and enjoy some time at home, not just do school the whole time. I have started making sure I turn off the computer, and don’t touch it after I have done five or six hours of schoolwork.

God has been teaching me to trust him. I don’t know how my Prelim exams are going to be done, but I’m trusting God. I don’t know how hard it would be for year 12 students facing their trials and soon to be HSC exams. 

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