The Artist Spotlight Aussie Special with Andrew Tierney, Levi McGrath and Luke Smallbone 1
In honour of Australia Day we caught up with three Christian Aussie Artists to talk about their music and what’s been happening for them lately.


Andrew Tierney From ‘Finding Faith’: How God Rescued Me From Drinking

I’ve always been a believer I grew up in a Catholic family so I knew the gospel and I knew the idea of who Jesus was. I believed in God I felt in my heart that there was a God but I guess looking back on it I hadn’t lived for him. I lived a lot for myself and that doesn’t make me not a believer, but I wasn’t committed. I believed I was saved but something hadn’t twigged in my life of how I should be living.

So I guess it was a really big fall of mine, I had an issue with drinking stemming from anxiety, it [alcohol] was there for me to comfort myself and numb myself down and then I started making bad choices and put my family and my marriage at risk.

I got to the point where I just didn’t know what to do to be honest. I couldn’t fix it and I remember very clearly just throwing my hands up and saying ‘God help me fix this!’ and it wasn’t in that instant that I was fixed but that surrender was something I held onto for a long time. I kept leaning into my faith and leaning on that more and more and diving into the scriptures. I guess that was really my saving grace knowing how loved I was, and living my life more for God in a way that Jesus wanted me to.

Levi McGrath: Music Combating Suicide Rates in Outback Australia

The last twelve months has being pretty hectic, it’s involved two team trips to the outback with our projects. We launched these projects a few years ago and have been taking professional Christian musicians to remote areas in outback Australia to indiginous communities, making music with indigenous kids and we just love it! So that’s taking up a big chunk of our year.

It all came about in response to the issue of indeginouns suicide, particularly in the youth. We heard the statistics, it’s just happening in catastrophic proportions more than anywhere else in the world affecting our young people here in Australia. We wanted to respond to that but we’re not psychologists or aid workers or other professions, were musicians. 

We have the skills of being able to play and create music and to teach others so we wanted to take some of that heartbeat into places where maybe there couldn’t be musical instruments found because they’re away from music shops or lack finances to afford those things. Especially in areas where there’s no music education happening. So we try to identify those areas and we’ve got two sites now. It changes the team members themselves as well, we take Aussie Christian artists up there and they’ve never experienced poverty on that level especially here in Australia, or culture, different languages being spoken and it is a really beautiful experience to see the way the team responded too.

Luke Smallbone From ‘for King & Country’: We Didn’t Get Into Music For The Awards

So for us I never intended on doing music for an award, I did it because I felt like music had this ability to bypass the head and go directly to the heart. And in displaying these songs for people and singing these songs that something really, really powerful takes place. And so, when you get nominated for an award, I think for both Joel and I we try not to take it too seriously but then at the same time somebody did vote for you so it’s like if you ignore it you’re the jerk, but if you celebrate it too much you’re still a jerk.

So for us we kind of take it as a pat on the back, it’s like when your son scores a goal in that game, you rejoice in that but you kind of move on relatively quickly because he’s got another game to play. So we’re grateful for it, people are saying “this music has resonated with us” and that’s special but at the same time that’s not the reason I signed up to do it and if I hadn’t of been nominated I’d still be talking to you today Wayne and I hope I would be talking to you with the same enthusiasm and joy that I have now.

A big thank you to these amazing Aussie Artists for taking time to catch up with us! We pray God continues to bless your music!