The Artist Spotlight Easter Special 1

Hear these artists speak about songs centred on the Easter message. Stories of redemption, forgiveness & new life

Stars Go Dim – Chris Cleveland

Was there a particular time when your faith became real?

I grew up in a small family church, we were first in, first out. So I kind of grew up in it my whole life. I started playing piano in the band, a part of the youth band, that kind of stuff. I think really, the first time faith really became real to me was some time in high school, when I could really personalise it. And when I began to understand it for myself. 

The next really big phase for me was almost about 30, when I began to question a lot of my faith. And circle around “well I believe this, but why do I believe it?” or “I’ve always had questions about these things and how can I dig in and find some answers”?

So now at 34 I really feel like I’m continually in this state of asking the right questions and seeking out council and thoughts. Really holding tight to who Jesus is and holding loosely a lot of other things that have been caught over the years and really just trying to seek the heart of who Christ is what Jesus taught when He was here. That’s kind of the cool part of faith, is that it can meet you where you need it to meet you at, at different points of time. The faith journey for all of us is going to look different. We’re

going to be at different places. But if we follow the teachings of Jesus, that we’re always leading in love, we’ve always got a firm foundation to start with and to stand on with each other. I’ve still got a lot to learn.

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Austin French

If your life was a movie, what would the synopsis be?

I was a young guy forced into growing up too soon. I grew up in a broken home but in a sense found Jesus in it. I fell in love with broken people and wanted to write music for broken people. I got an early start to life growing a family and having kids and somewhat of a career, I am 25 now so doing things a little earlier 

than most people do. I love telling people about Jesus and getting to do that through my music. I got saved in 8th grade and I realised I was surrounded by broken people like me.

North Point Worship

Tell us about the song ‘Death Arrested’

The song ‘Death Was Arrested’ was like a gift that God gave to us. Our drummer Brandon is one of my best friends and we grew up in the same little town in Georgia, south of Atlanta. Brandon said to me one time, “Man, people think that worship songs are written with like Bibles and candles and holiness”. But it was actually when Brandon was walking through a graveyard that he saw this headstone saying, “Here lies what was mortal of Samuel Burg, in search of help in 1842 death arrested his progress”. 

Brandon took a picture of the headstone and it was later in the year when we were doing worship at a summer camp and were messing around with some songs, that he pulled out that picture again.  As we looked at this picture and read the headstone we realised that Jesus arrested death for us, and we are going to live forever.