Wayne continues the conversation with Tiffany about Elevation Worship’s album Graves Into gardens.

Whenever we’re in a writing room, to me we’ll write a song and I honestly have no grasp on whether that song will go around the world or just be a song for our church. So whenever we do see a song like ‘The Blessing’, ‘Graves into Gardens’ or ‘O Come the Alter’, have the impact they have, I’m always in shock, I didn’t know that’s what God was going to do with it. Because it’s just feels like you’re in a living room with an acoustic guitar and a song we sing every week at church and it just means so much to our church. So, once it goes beyond that it always shocks me. I cannot believe people in other countries are singing this and it becomes meaningful to their church and community. It’s definitely an honour and humbling, our team is so grateful and we work so hard to let the song go wherever the song wants to go. And to make sure we have the resources and everything in place to do that.

Graves into Gardens features 12 songs. How many song didn’t make the cut and what happens to them?

We probably have a massive bank of songs that are just kind of sitting right now and it’s not they’ll never be used but it’s for this season what songs are resonating with our church right now. A few songs we’ll try out on a weekend and if they don’t seem to resonate then we’ll maybe just try them again another time or revise  

it. There’s probably 30+ songs that maybe aren’t being used right now but in their time, I believe they will get a start down the There’s probably 30+ songs that maybe aren’t being used right now but in their time, I believe they will get a start down the road.

Each year there seems to be one or two songs that rise to the top in terms of worship. This year is ‘The Blessing’. What are your thoughts as to why there’s always that one or two songs that resonates globally?

The Blessing, it’s hard to put into words what that songs has meant to our church and honestly the world. To see how God has taken it around the world so quickly has been amazing. I would really think God’s spirit is speaking unity across our country, across our world. The world feels so helpless right now and there’s a lot that’s uncertain right now and scary. Honestly, two weeks before the pandemic had hit our country, is when the Blessing was written. It released in this  time where the world is feeling helpless. So it seems to me that God is just wanting to remind His people that nothing can stop His promise. His promise lasts for a thousand generations and beyond. This reminder to all of His people of what He says has been really cool to see.    

A special thanks to Tiffany for taking the time to chat with us. God bless you!