The Artist Spotlight with Alive City 1

We spoke with Zach Schossau about how Alive City started and their music

How did Alive City get started?

We all met at a local church and grew up together playing worship music. Along the way, we decided “hey, we wanna try to write our own music”. Since high school I’ve been producing music. We started producing our own music out of necessity. We were pretty far from Nashville, pretty far from L.A. and it was too inconvenient and cost too much money to drive to those places or fly to go record. So we bought a bunch of studio equipment and we were just like “We’re going to do this by ourselves”. We learnt how to make music, how to record and it was horrible at the beginning. We could not figure it out for so long. But we just kept on going. We’ve been putting out a lot of music lately, that I’m really proud off and I’m loving the response. It’s just fun stuff and we’re just loving life right now.

With the covid-19 pandemic still happening, what does life in lockdown look like for you? 

So Michigan, for a while has been one of the hot spots of covid in the U.S. It’s actually been really crazy because there’s a bunch of protestors and then there’s protestors protesting the protestors. And I’m just in the house making music, so I’m doing just fine. So I brought my studio from where it’s normally set up, like 20 minutes from me, back to my house.

Tell us about your song writing process

A lot of the song writing in the professional music industry is done where a record label will set up me as an artist with a topline writer, who is basically supposed to write the words and then help with melody. Then they’ll put a producer in the room as well.

So I do some of that. I kind of like to just write into my phone and do a voice memo whenever something happens. So a lot of times, I’ll be like stepping into the shower and I’ll have water on and then a song will pop into my head and then I’ll have to jump out of the shower, record the song into the iPhone app and then continue about my day. So that’s honestly how the song writing process works.

This is for anybody out there who is trying to write music; As far as lyrics go, don’t be discouraged when the song doesn’t turn out the way you want it to at first. We have never written a song that has been right on the first try. There’s always re-writes. Don’t be afraid to try to fix a song and make it better. Just because your song isn’t perfect, that shouldn’t discourage you from trying to finish it and working hard on it.  

A special thanks to Zach for taking the time to chat with us. God bless!