The Artist Spotlight With 'Apollo LTD' 1
Aaron Brown caught up with Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark from ‘Apollo LTD’ to get the latest on their music and find out how they becAme Apollo LTD!


How did you come up with the band name ‘Apollo LTD 

I grew up in a space family, my uncle was an astronaut in the 90s, so as a kid we have a lot of memories driving down to Florida and watching launches. I grew up around it & I’ve been pretty fascinated by space. I always thought Apollo would be a great name for a band. So when we left our old band and started this new band I thought “man Apollo would be really cool”. I love that you know just what it meant to our history and the ambitious nature of uncovering new things and trying to achieve great heights. Then our lawyer spoiled the party. His was like “great guys there’s no way you can have the band name Apollo. Like I can’t protect that from a legal standpoint”. It would have been really hard for him, so he said “I don’t care if you put three letters in front of it, I don’t care if you put three letters behind it, I don’t care, it just can’t be Apollo”. So we literally got a piece of paper, wrote out Apollo LTD and visually it looks good and sure enough it stuck. 

How did you guys meet?

So we met when we were both 18 years olds at college and at the time we were young aspiring songwriters ourselves. We were randomly paired as roommates in our freshman year. It was kind of ‘as fate would have it’, we were brought together freshman year and realised that we both loved a lot of the same kind of music, You know stuff from the 

6os and 70s sort of that Beatles classic rock and anything that was new at the time, alternative rock music, we loved all that stuff. So it started in college as roommates, we’d pull out our guitars and jam and eventually jamming lead to creating and writing and that lead to being in one band that toured for a long time and then that led to a second band Apollo. It goes back to be randomly being paired as roommates.

Tell us about your latest song ‘Gold’.

Gold gold was actually a kind of cool song because it was the first time we’d ever done a co-writing session over FaceTime and it was with a guy who’s become a really good friend of ours now, his name is Paul Duncan and he lives out in Los Angeles, we live in Nashville. And just with our schedules, it was really hard to coordinator co-writing session in our city. So we got on the computer. And we blocked out about 4 hours with him to be creative and I’m not kidding we spent 3 1/2 hours just writing one song and as we were wrapping up this one song, we were like “yeah man we still have a half hour, do you have anything to do? and he was like actually I’m still good too”. So we were like “well let’s show you this new track that we’ve started It’s really bare bones,  

there’s nothing to it yet but it’s got a cool energy to it and that was beginning of ‘Gold’. We showed him Gold and he loved it and that song was actually written in about 30 minutes and it’s entirety. I think all three of us were just shocked that this song just fell out in the last half hour of this writing section but almost didn’t happen, so it was kind of one of those moments where you look back and go oh yeah, we were supposed to write that song today.

A big thank you Apollo LTD for taking time to catch up! We pray God continues to bless your music!