Branan Murphy

We get to know Branan Murphy and hear his journey into music, finding success despite some less than encouraging words from his friends. He’ll also offer some words of encouragement from his own experiences of seeing God turn what was meant for evil into good.

When did you realise that music was a gift, that God had given you to impact people?

Music has just been such a deep fabric, I guess, of who I am, who I’ve always been. My earliest memories, when I think back to them, I just always remember myself singing. There’s home videos of me singing something. I can remember travelling with my family on trips to the beach or wherever. My parents are oldies fans. And my dad introduced me to music, by introducing me to the oldies. And so I actually fell in love with the Beach Boys. Now it’s like my favourite group growing up because, you know, I listen to the music of my dad and then and that’s probably why I fell in love with vocal music, and maybe songwriting. Because, Brian Wilson is such an amazing songwriter. One of the greatest of all time. And I love their vocals.

And that kind of turned into like I would follow the music of my brothers. And my brothers are older. And so my step brother is seven years older, my brother three years older. So I would listen to a lot of stuff that was I was too young, probably, to listen to, but just fell in love with music at an early age. I think in high school, I kind of decided that I don’t really love anything more than I love singing and doing music.

I remember telling my best friend, (we were juniors in high school) “I think I want to sing, like, for my career”. And I’ll never forget, he said, “Dude, you got to be like, really good to do that”. And so, yeah, Anthony, if you’re listening, I guess I was good enough. I don’t know.

Can you tell us about your single ‘Talk About It’ and how it came to be?

It’s funny cause it feels even more relevant now, than it was when I wrote it, because I wrote it a few years ago. And the idea was, the culture of not just American culture. I know it is true all over the world that we’re all talking to each other, but we’re not really saying anything. We all have these digital interactions and communication and relationships. I was just fearful of that we’re becoming this social media and media driven world and we’re losing the art and the power of human relationship and human communication. That was that was a big motivation.

And then it fell even deeper than that. When I look at, whether it be racial tension or even mental health issues. It’s crazy how in the world today you can be as isolated as you want to be. And we really set ourselves up to exist in isolation. And this song, hopefully it’s a charge to people to come out of that and really talk about things that matter. Talk at all for one. But even that, just bigger than that. Just talking about things that matter and having relationships that matter. I feel like that’s the way forward for us in this world.

What drives you when creating songs, songwriting and your ministry?

I want to make pop music that means something, that gets people thinking, that allows us to deal with things. And it’s not as if all other pop music is unconscious. But I guess I just want to have a purpose with my music, and I’m sure all people would say that. I want there to be like a depth and an honesty, a connection. That might turn heads and even turn hearts, to something greater than what the world has to offer. But also being able to speak the language that the world speaks. That’s really important to me. It doesn’t matter what we’re saying, if the world can understand it.

And so pop music is just a vehicle for me to connect with as many people as possible. We’re all made in the image of God. And so therefore, we all deal with the same things.

At my church we say this a lot, “There’s one common problem for humankind, and that’s sin. And there’s one common solution, and that’s Jesus Christ.”

I may not be always explicit, about Christian themes. Sometimes I am, sometimes I will into the future. I may I may be more so. But to me, that’s not as important as connecting with people and connecting with their human side and then leading them along, more of the story of who God is and why He is, the treasure of their hearts that they may not know about yet.

But for me, connecting with them is the first and most important part. And so, that’s why I make music the way that I do.

A big thanks to Branan for taking the time chat with us, God bless!