elevation worship

Wayne Hindson talked with Tiffany Hammer about her role in Elevation Worship, being a pastor’s kid and her own faith journey

Can you tell us about your faith journey and how you ended up getting into worship?

I grew up as a pastor’s kid and if anyone has any experience with that, a lot of times you can kind of be thrown into roles because the other person didn’t show up to do it. Long story short I felt like I had started leading worship based out of a place of need for our youth group at a very young age and through that I felt like God had opened up my heart and I fell in love with the presence of God that moment where you knew God’s presence was in the room. I began to crave this moment. I’d always loved to sing but it wasn’t till I was placed in that position, probably before I was ready to be. It felt like God has anointed me to lead worship in this season. I went to college

and got a lot of hands on experience being a part of the worship program. Then coming to Elevation Worship, I started with an internship serving the church in what any way was needed. God opened up the door for me to be on staff and continuing to get to lead worship at the church is a high honour and privilege. I just feel like God has taken me on a beautiful journey of His presence. Getting the opportunity to create this atmosphere for other people to encounter Him, is just the best!
Is it hard for you as a worship leader to listen to worship and not deconstruct it?

If it’s anything that I have been a part, songs that I’ve been writing, I’m always critiquing it and it’s never quite where I want it to be. As far as other worship, I love worship so much, that I have no problem with. I’m able to get pass the head and go straight through to the heart.

As a kid were you thankful or was it hard, having to fill the gaps in roles in the church, as a pastor’s child?

In full honesty, it was probably both. A lot of times it was “Hey can you work in nursery today”? And I never wanted to do that. But other opportunities like worship, I had always liked to sing. Kind of finding my giftings throughout that. Looking back, it was such an honour because I did get a lot of experience in different areas of ministry and behind the scenes stuff. I’m thankful that I had a good experience because I know that some people don’t always have a great experience with being raised in the church.

Getting exposure with all the different areas of church. It is a beautiful thing to allow your kids to experience different things and what lights the fire in them and sparks in their heart.

A special thanks to Tiffany for taking the time to chat with us. God bless you!