Rhema FM’s Aaron Brown caught up with electro pop/EDM DJ recording artist – Gawvi!

Your stage name is Gawvi (pronounced Ga-vee), but you also used to be known as G-Styles. Where did the name Gawvi actually come from?

G – Gawvi is actually the name that my family calls me – I’ve been called that since birth. You see I’m Latino, and my full name is Gabrielle, but my nickname is Gabe. If you want to say that in Spanish, it’s actually Ga-vee. So I kind of mixed up the way you spell it, and gave it a cool twist!!

The Artist Spotlight with Gawvi 1

Love it! Now Gawvi, I want to talk about Faith because you’ve grown up in the church, and your parents were pastors I believe. I was wondering if you could tell us a bit about your faith journey – was there a point in time where your faith became real for you?

G – Yeah I grew up in an amazing church going family. My Dad was the Pastor, my Mum was very involved in the youth ministry & worship, my sister was on the worship team – and if you know anything about Pastors kids, we are just stuck in church 24/7! So you’re eventually going to get in trouble a lot – because you’re always there.  Growing up as a kid I was always eating the cookies and crackers at church and getting in trouble… it was just bad news!

So growing up I didn’t want to know about God as much, I knew about him because my parents did an amazing job just raising me. But when I hit high school, I think a lot of high school students are always looking for identity and making sure they feel valuable, so I was able to be part of an amazing church where I had a phenomenal youth leader, and faith became my own.

I remember when I heard the gospel for the first time of John 3:16, where it actually connected. I had heard it so many times, but that moment was at the right moment with the right people around me, discipling me. John 3:16 really came to life. So high school happened. I was always walking around with my bible making sure that people were getting saved left and right… or at least I thought they were. When you become a baby Christian you just want to save the world.

When it came to graduation, my parents actually got a divorce and that was really hard to understand. Why was my life turning upside down? If you’ve ever gone through a divorce, you find it really hard in the holidays – are you going to Dad’s house or Mum’s house?

So from 18 to about 22, I just rebelled [against] that and didn’t want to know anything about God. And again with identity – I think from about 18 to 25 as a young man you’re trying to figure out what it means to be a man. So I went out to the wrong spot – I’d go out clubbing all the time, feeling like alcohol was my only way of healing my wounds. That was just a depressing time.

I remember being 22 and crying out to God on my bed, just not feeling valued and depressed. And I realised that we were all designed to worship something and I was worshipping the wrong things. I needed to get the right group of guys in my life and get back to what I was like in high school when my youth pastor was so involved.

Fast forward some years later, I’m married and have a beautiful daughter almost turning 2, I’ve been married for 3 years and God has been just faithful and great!

Thanks so much for being raw and honest with us Gawvi – we’re excited to see where God continues to take you and your family!

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