George Mhondera

We spoke with George Mhondera about his musical journey, that lead to him releasing his first solo project, Heaven’s Symphony

Did you grow up in a musical family?

No, not really. My mum loved to sing. In Africa culture, you just grow up singing. Every occasion, as a family or as a gathering, we sing along. Growing up we went to church a lot. We went to Methodist church. I remember, we had a great music teacher, who poured a lot of music into us and would sing all the Sunday school songs. I guess God was doing something from an early age. I just love music and lyrics, I feel melody. So that was something that bubbled up the surface growing up. Obviously growing up in Africa, you don’t have a lot of opportunities to do music as a profession.

Then I went to high school, that was great. We went to an all-boys school and we had a great choir teacher. I love drama, so I loved musicals. I played rugby and was in musicals, so I was pretty cool.

When God has poured something into you, you can’t run away from it. It keeps coming to the surface.

It wasn’t until M.I.C. performed at Mhondera’s school, that things really started to change for him. They recognised that Mhondera was special and invited him to perform as a backup singer in South Africa with them. Before that, he has never done any professional musical work. 

Tell us about your relationship with Matt Redman

They met back when Mhondera was touring with M.I.C. They would go to the UK for a festival called Soul Survivor. Redman was at the forefront of this festival, in terms of the music. Then M.I.C. would do all the after hour stuff. That was when Mhondera and Redman would get to connect.


From 97’, the first time I sang with him and in 2020 I’m still singing with him. We’ve become very good friends, he’s godfather to my kids, he’s like family. I’ve just learnt so much from him, as a leader. In our times, I think he’s been one of the guys whose had some of the biggest songs in the church. It’s been an amazing thing, to have that friendship, and work. Getting to tour together and do life together. It’s been a privilege to be along side Matt.

Did you know George Mhondera wore sunnies in Matt Reedman’s official music video for 10,000 reasons (Bless the Lord). They filmed in Berlin, Germany. It was quite a sunny day and Mhondera had simply forgotten to take off his sunnies. He got into trouble for a little bit, “I’m a bit of a kingdom rebel”.

Mhondera has been a part of some massive groups. What lead you to doing your own thing?

Supporting and being around artists such as Redman & Tomlin, Mhondera learnt so much. He was able to experience all of these amazing Christian songs that have touched the world, first hand. “You can’t help but have your own song”. He was happy, and wasn’t looking to be an artist. But God opened the door and started speaking to him about his journey. From being pulled out of Zimbabwe as a kid and sharing God’s faithfulness and goodness. “I guess God just started giving me songs. I felt like I could give these to someone else, maybe to sing them. But I felt that I needed to carry them”. One thing lead to another, and soon he was offered a record deal.  

Can you tell us about your first single called Heaven’s Symphony

That song came out of a real life situation. We were in Germany and we were contemplating whether to move to the U.S. or move back to England. It was in a time of transition. With any big change like that, it’s so easy for fear to settle in. when we settle on that, everything becomes chaotic. And we can’t hear the Father’s voice. 

So the song came out of that. I was on a writing trip to Nashville with some good friends. We were just talking about Zephaniah 3:17, how it talks about God being with us and rejoicing over us, through it all. The Father is singing a song of love and kindness, constantly over us. Even though it might look crazy situation and we don’t feel like we’re in control, there’s a God whose with us and through that. He’s always with us and rejoicing over us and leading us through. So the song came out of that, like “Lord I want to listen to Your voice, cause when I listen to Your voice and hear that clarity, everything makes sense… and even though it might be a hard situation, I know you’re singing over me…”.

It’s been amazing to release it now, thinking about what people are walking through and that it’s such a time of uncertainty, there’s so much fear. But hey! the Lord is singing a song, Heaven’s symphony over you and you’re not alone through this.  

A very special thanks to George for taking the time to talk with us,  God bless!