The Artist Spotlight with 'Greg Cooper' 1

We caught up with greg cooper to talk about his new music & a new exciting ministry opportunity.

Can you tell us a little bit your new song ‘We’ve Got Jesus’?

I had the great privilege of going to Indonesia last year with Compassion in September, to Jakarta. Which was the first time I had to been to the ‘field’. Compassion partners with 26 countries around the world where sponsor kids live.

We went to Jakarta and we visited a number of churches where Compassion children visit weekly. It was just mind blowing. Its’ like a lot of things in life, you can read about it or hear about it as much as you want. And then actually to go and experience it.

For me, just to realise how little these children have and then the great deep joy they find in coming together with other children and being taught and fed good food and then given bible stories and games. It’s a heavy process going through this. So each morning we would sit around and read the bible together as team.

One of my friends on the trip who works with Compassion, he said “these kids have nothing but they’ve got Jesus”. And the song writer in me put that in the iPhone. Got home on the Friday, pulled out the guitar and just wrote that one pretty quickly, cause I think sometimes it’s a nice thing writing songs quickly when you’ve got the images fresh in your mind and I realised as much as these kids are in need.

As I talked with the other people on the trip who were all from Australia. We’re all in just as much need ourselves, we’re impoverished in terms of needing more God in our lives, needing more Jesus, needing more scripture, And we all had stuff we were going through. So the song really speaks to both those worlds; our world, the kid’s world. And just the need for Jesus in both. 

Can you tell us about your song “One more thing to trust you with”?

It’s about those times in life you feel like you’ve been knocked down and you’ve got nothing left. And you’ve just got to give the big and small stuff over to God and treat each thing as one more thing to trust him with. Easier said then done! But this song is about trying.

A special thanks to Greg for taking the time to talk to us and perform live in our studios. God bless you and your future plans!