What kind of inspired the title of your new album ‘Louder than the Lies”? Is that the theme throughout the album?

It’s a recurrent theme through the entire album. And I was talking to someone the other day about this and they were kind of asking about it as well. And what I told them is –

In my life, personally, I’ve always struggled with feeling like I was a fake or feeling like I was a phony or that I was throwing up this persona or this image of Joel Vaughn, the singer or whatever. Just so people couldn’t peer in and see me and any of the things that I was going through because of fear of being judged kind of like what we talked about earlier.

And so the fear is always that if you bring something to light, that if the truth comes out that no one will understand and no one will like you or whatever. So there was that that I’ve always struggled with throughout my life.

There’s this thing I was reading the other day called imposter syndrome, where you feel like you’re a phony. So it’s, you know, who am I to be deserving of this thing that I get to do?

And so I deal with that a lot every single day. And I think it’s relatable to a lot of other people too. But also in my life where I’ve slipped up in, just my relationship with Christ and where I haven’t always made the right decision, the accuser is always right there to be like, see, you did that wrong. You did this. You were, rude to your kids earlier. Whatever it is, that’s going on in your life, it’s almost like Satan is always right there to pick up where you dropped the ball and say, yeah, you really are just the worst.

I wanted to write music and write some songs that would help people to remember that those are not the truth, that God loves you, that you are His chosen, adopted children, and that the lies that the enemy shoots and just yells at you couldn’t be further from the truth. Could the thing that you had done, was it wrong? Yes. Could you have made a different decision? Yes, but that was yesterday. God’s mercies are new every single morning and His forgiveness is always available. I wanted to write an album that talks about the truth of how God sees you and not how you see you because of what Satan tries to tell you about you.

There’s something about vulnerability that I think makes the message of Christ cut through even stronger. It feels like we are past that era where you have to be that perfect ‘up on a pedestal, have it all together’ for people to listen to you. It’s almost like people want to know there’s something authentic to you.

Yeah. And ten years ago, it’s nearly been ten years. That’s crazy. It didn’t feel that way. I was on staff at a very large church. I was one of like nine worship leaders at this church. And if I admitted that I didn’t have everything together, like I’m going to lose my job. I was so scared of losing all of these things. And when it clicked to me that, I was more afraid of losing that, than I was afraid of losing Jesus, that to me was where I was like, “who cares what people think like that? It doesn’t matter in the end”.

So when I got over that fear, I realised, it wasn’t the case at all, that people weren’t standing there with stones ready to pounce. I mean, probably a few people were. I’m not going to lie, it was tough. But I think, like you said, we’re pass a lot of that and people aren’t nearly as, I guess, judgemental as that as they had been in years past.

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A big thanks to Joel for taking the time to chat with us, God bless you richly!

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