The Artist Spotlight with Jordan St. Cyr 1

Aaron Brown caught up withi Canadian artist Jordan St. Cyr. A relatively new artist but with some great music. We’ll also hear about his musical journey & the inspirational story behind his latest song ‘Fires’.

Jordan was born and raised in central Canada in a small town with about twelve hundred people. Grew up in church, played music in youth group. And that’s how he got started with music. He played in different rock bands and an acoustic folk band and found his way into Christian music. Got married about twelve years ago to Heather. They have four kids ranging from 10 to 19 months old. 

The first song that we got to know you by was ‘Victory’. Could you tell us a bit about this song?

 I wrote a few songs that kind of all have that same vibe. Really fun, really happy. And the reason why they are fun and happy is because I wanted more joy in my life. You know, as a singer songwriter, it’s easy for me to write that ballad, you know, just me and my guitar, me and the piano. And one day my wife just came up to me and said, “You know, you’re not you’re not smiling”. And I’m like, “well, I’m thinking, you know?” And she’s like, “Yeah, but you’re saying these really powerful things, these amazing truths. Don’t you think there should be some joy in that?” And that just really struck a chord. Really out of that, you know, that moment with my wife, the song Victory was born because we really do. We have the victory. And I think it’s something worth saying in a really joyful way because it is the best news. So that’s kind of the story behind Victory.

Can you tell us a bit about your encounter with Nathan & how it has lead to your new song ‘Fires’?

Absolutely. So Nathan was a you know, he is a husband and father of three kids, and he was a hardworking guy who worked multiple jobs to pay the bills. Him & his family fell on hard times and they were on the verge of losing their house. So it got pretty bad.

Something amazing happened. God provided Nathan the miracle that he needed.

Nathan worked as a valet (parking cars). And at this hotel where he was parking cars one night, there was a Christian songwriter’s round. After the night was over, he was able to hear some of these songs. He wrote a little note and left it on one of the songwriter’s windshields. And that note basically said,

“I’m on the verge of losing my house. Thank you for your songs. You are very encouraging to a man whose faith is quite weak right now”.

And so he put that note on the car and this songwriter, took that note and posted it on social media and just kind of put out a call. They just wanted to be a part of Nathan story and impact that story by putting out a call to other Christians, saying “hey, can we help Nathan? What can we do?”

And again, to make a long story short, they were able to raise enough money, pay off the debts, and save the house. And to me, it was just an incredibly moving story of how God never gives up on us. He’s always there to walk through our trials with us. And He didn’t just pull Nathan out of that story. He had walked through that for quite a while before, His miracle came. And I think that that was the word to me is that, no matter what I’m going through, if I’m still in it, that means God is still in there, too.

This story of Nathan inspired the song ‘Fires’. Again, speaks to how God is just so faithful. You know, no matter what we are going through. And this song has really been a blessing to my wife and I and our family because, about six months after I heard of Nathan’s story, my wife gave birth to our youngest daughter, Emory. And Emory was born with a very rare brain condition. And we experienced something through her birth like we’ve never experienced before. You know, no amount of money or relationships could solve this problem. We kind of came to the end of ourselves and we found God in a very special way. And right now, Emory is 19 months old. She’s doing very well. We’ve had multiple emergency hospital visits with seizures. My wife goes on many doctors’ appointments throughout the week. Since she was born, it’s been a journey.

But you know what? We wouldn’t trade that now. We’ve been given such a gift and we feel very honoured and privileged to be the parents of this little girl, who has shown us so much about the father heart of God. And so now this song is just more real for us because we’ve been through, our own fire.

A  big thanks to Jordan for taking the time to chat with us, God bless!