Patrick Mayberry is a new name to many but has been writing songs for many well-known artists for a few years! Now he is stepping into the spotlight. We’ll follow his journey from songwriter to worship pastor. We’ll talk faith, family and music.

Can you give us the Patrick Mayberry story in a minute or two as you see it? 

The Patrick Mayberry story in a minute. I am a dad. I am a husband. We have four young kids. We live in Franklin, Tennessee. I have a deep passion for the church and I have a deep passion for music. And so I love trying to combine the two things together and write and make music that is helpful and beneficial for the church and growing God’s kingdom. So that’s kind of the adventure I’m on right now and kind of figuring out what that looks like for me in this season and having a lot of fun trying to do it all.

Has your song ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ come out of, that sort of journey? Just God continually stretching you and opening new doors of opportunity?

I would say that I need to probably print both of those words out “The best is yet to come” and literally post them around everywhere in my house. My pastor always says “God is faithful, but we are forgetful”. And I think that I found that to be so true for my life that, I will experience God’s faithfulness. And then five minutes later, I’ll spin out. It’s like the Bible story where Jesus is walking on the water and you start seeing the waves and you get scared and you start to think and you constantly just have to remember, no God still working the best is yet to come. There’s more to come. And so that is that is a very true statement that I could easily cling to that there’s just just in life just to trust that God has got exciting, more deeper, richer things for us if we just keep pursuing and keep being faithful and obedient.

As a song writer, are there moments where you want to keep a song you have writer for yourself rather than give it to another artist? 

Yes, 100%. I tried to start paying attention to that because upon signing on as a writer with this publishing deal, your job is to help the artist get a song that they love and you kind of use your your skills and your talents. Your personal preference does it win, you’re there to serve and to help the artists get a song that they really love. I found myself sometimes having ideas that were really personal or I felt like, ‘oh, this is something that is interesting, that maybe the Holy Spirit whispered to me’. And in it there were definitely times around like, wait, I don’t think I should share that here. And I would pay attention to that. And I would be like, ‘OK, what’s that about?’ And I kind of felt like over time that God was revealing to me through that, like, Hey, you actually have something to say too.

So that led me down this path to this whole artistry thing and it kind of diving in deeper to that about like, oh, wait, maybe God is giving me something to say. Maybe God has used things in my life and He wants me to kind of leverage those experiences. The way my relationship is with with the Lord, that I want to have something to say that other people can resonate with. So to answer your question 100%, yes, that does happen.

Is there is there one that may be slipped away? 

You know, maybe if I thought about it, maybe. But, from day one. Well, no, actually, not from day one. I feel like I learnt this somewhere in the middle. I just think that at the end of the day. It sounds so cheesy, but centricity is technically my publisher, centricity is technically my label. But at the end of the day, I believe that God is my biggest publisher and that God is my my biggest supporter. I just choose to believe that God is working on my behalf and so every song that’s gone where it’s gone, I think that’s the way the Lord intended it. So I’m just choosing to believe that. Now, if I thought about it for a few minutes, there might be ‘well, there is this one song that, you know, I really wish I would have held on to’, but but as of today, I feel pretty good with where I’m at.

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A big thank you to Patrick for taking the time to chat with us, God bless!

Source: Feature Image – Patrick Mayberry Music Facebook