Steven Curtis Chapman

We spoke with steven curtis chapman about how covid-19 has effected him & his new single ‘together’.

What does lockdown look like for you in the U.S.?

It’s been “the best of times, and the worst of times” (tales of two cities). It really has been some of both. It’s been wonderful having time at home, I attempted a sabbatical last year, to take a few months off of touring and it actually became just a busy time to take care of other things. Some medical issues with aging parents. Some issues with working through some things that were changing with regards to the work that we do with orphans and advocacy for adoptive families around the world. So there was a lot to deal with and just a lot going on.

This has been a forced sabbatical, not one we planned or thought about. As a result, it’s probably given us more time to do the projects, some of the things we had thought we would do back then. Cleaning out some closets and starting a garden with my wife. My wife has been planting and I carry the dirt and shovels. 

Chapman Family

That’s been very sweet. I’ve made breakfast every morning for my wife. I haven’t had to leave her the notes that I leave, whenever I go on a tour bus or a flight, to say “I’ll be back in a few days and I love you”, but every morning I’ll be there.

Obviously, brings some challenges some times. When you’re closed in with people that you love but you also can get on the nerves of and they can you, as well. Our 

two daughters are home with us now, two of our six children. Our youngest daughter, Stevie Joy, is a junior in high school. So she’s been doing home school from a computer. And our other daughter, Shoshana who is a college student at the University of Alabama, she’s home since Spring break doing the same.  

That’s been good and challenging. They’re kind of independent and wonderful. But you know, just figuring that out, “has been a great opportunity to really learn and study more about 1Corinthians 13. Love is patient and love is kind and doesn’t keep a record of wrong and all those things. That parts been good for us, I think.

Tell us about your new single ‘Together’ – Spreading hope in this global pandemic

What inspired the song was hearing people that usually not using a language of togetherness or unity. It’s been a lot of the opposite coming from the TV screens of the last months and years, especially here in the U.S. Politically and everything else, so much division. But suddenly, you’re hearing some of these same people who have been so divided, saying ‘the only way we are going to get through this is together. 

We really actually need each other and we need to come together, work together and figure this out together’. Something about that was so refreshing and so hopeful sounding to me. It was almost like I saw a little crack in the door, where light was shining through the darkness. I thought “Man, I’m going to kick the door open if I can, a little further with this song and write about that”.

I don’t know if the world needs another together song, I’ve written some myself. But I thought, ‘yeah maybe I need to write one more, at least for myself, to pour a little gas on this little spark and maybe it can fan the flame a little bit’. Cause really it’s true, it’s what we’re made for. We’re made for relationship. And maybe it takes something like a global pandemic, in some ways to show us that, to remind us of that, to connect us back to each other. Maybe even in the process, remember we’re not actually enemies, that we need each other.

We as believers, know all through scripture, God says I made you for relationship with myself and with each other. So that’s what it’s really all about anyway.

In the process of something like this, if we can learn that a little better, if we can remember that and maybe even act on that, then I think God is honoured in that and glorified.


A very special thanks to Steven for taking the time to talk with us,  God bless!