the SAGA

We spoke with Georga & Alyssa from the SAGA about their new music, connecting with fans online and life during covid-19

What are some things you’ve been doing to engage with your fans online?

Georga: We decided that this would be a time that people would need uplifting and so the first couple of weeks we took it really easy and just took in what was going on around the world, just let ourselves kind of feel that. After about 3 weeks we decided that it was time to share some things to give people hope. We recorded a cover of a For King & Country song, which we’re going to release tonight. We released our new song ‘If I Told Ya’ and because the very nature of that song kind of speaks to what’s going on in the world at the moment, we had an idea to engage more people. I’ll get Alyssa to talk about what that idea was.

Alyssa: Our new single If I Told Ya’ was released a couple of weeks ago and we really wanted to do a video clip for it. But given the circumstances, we weren’t able to do that. So we’re really encouraging all of our fans to send us a video of how ‘If I Told Ya’ is helping to ‘iso’, I guess is the way we’re kind of spinning it. We’ve has people send us videos of completing a puzzle or cooking or working out with the song in the background. They’ve been tagging us on social media. So we’ve been sharing that all over our social platform. But what we’re planning on doing, is put all those videos together and make a ‘If I Told Ya’ iso video clip.

What are some of the more unique videos you’ve seen?

Alyssa: we’ve had younger fans make up dances. A couple of girls made T-shirts, we’ve had cooking, working out, puzzles, colouring in.

Georga: We’ve had tiktok dances. One of our friends is in lock down in Bali and she’s been having a hard time over there because it’s pretty sad what’s going over there as well. And she was just dancing in her backyard, showing that the song has been uplifting her spirit during this time. We’re still waiting on some more. Someone has taken out their bins, I thought that was funny.

If you want to contribute to this music video, the best way is to submit your original video in landscape form and send it through to their socials: Facebook & Instagram, as well as uploading it to your own social media and tagging The Saga Music.

A very special thanks to Georga & Alyssa for taking the time to talk with us,  God bless!