An interview with Dr Hormoz Shariat about his new book release & personal faith journey.

Dr Hormoz Shariat, Founder of Iran Alive Ministries and known as “The Billy Graham of Iran” has released his new debut book Iran’s Great Awakening: How God Is Using a Muslim Convert to Spark Revival. Hormoz makes the bold claim – Iran will be the first Muslim nation to turn to Christ!

Iran’s Great Awakening is in three parts:

  • Part 1 – Hormoz’s personal journey from growing up in Iran and being vocal about his hatred of the west, to living in the US and reaching 6 million Iranians each week with the gospel of Christ.  Also shares the vision he received after his 18 year old brother was murdered by the Islamic Government of Iran – to bring 1 million Iranians to Christ.
  • Part 2 – A deep study of the prophecies about Iran in the Bible, and what the future holds for the country
  • Part 3 – A strategic plan on how we can inspire change in Iran, and help these prophecies come to life.

Iran was just named the 9th most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian by Open Doors, yet the ministry of Iran Alive is thriving as never before.  People there are hungry for Christ, and are willing to risk persecution to find a living relationship with Jesus.

Independent research proves that Iran has the fastest growing Evangelical community in the world today!

Hormoz was born in Iran to a Muslim family and chanted “Death to America” in the streets of Tehran.  After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, he came to the US to get his PhD in Computer Science at USC in 1980. After becoming a Christian, his passion to reach Muslims was partially fueled by the murder of his brother by the Iranian government. Instead of seeking vengeance, God showed Hormoz that the best retaliation was to dedicate his life to loving Muslims and sharing the Gospel with them.  Hormoz now leads Iran Alive Ministries, where six million Iranian households are reached each week with a message of the saving power of Jesus.

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