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Aaron Brown & Laurel McCulloch are changing it up this week & reviewing… Reality TV on The Review!

Top Picks

Laurel’s top pick is Master Chef. She’s really enjoying the changed format of the season and how the focus is on the returning contestants, and not so much the judges. Aaron likes that Master Chef is positive & encouraging. It’s not about tearing each down, but more about excelling as a group. Ultimately finding out who the best contestant is, as a pose to people betraying one another.

Aaron’s top pick is Lego Masters. Aaron loves that not only is it uplifting and positive, but that it pokes fun at reality TV. The show is hosted by Hamish Blake and is about a group of competitors who every week are given a challenge to build some incredible things out of Lego. Aaron always comes away feeling happy and positive after watching. It’s fun and great for the whole family.

Aaron’s second pick is House Rules. Aaron loves that you get to see a whole house renovated in just one week, by ordinary people. He likes that the house being renovated are the kind that anyone could do on their own home. House rules does have more drama in it, but it is still has a spirit of team work. Aaron is also looking forward to The Block returning in the future. He loves it so much, that he even auditioned but sadly didn’t make it through.

Honourable mentions

Dance Moms, Survivor & The Amazing Race.

If Laurel & Aaron could go on a reality show it would be…

The Amazing Race. Laurel also said she would like to go on The Voice, where she would get to perform and dance.