Catching up with Hillsong United 1

Rhema FM Newcastle caught up with Jad Giles from Hillsong United to talk about the brand new Hillsong United album ‘Wonder’!

Now Jad is it just us or did this one just come out of nowhere?

We didn’t really make a big deal about the fact that we were making it. Because when you talk about an album people get excited but they can’t do anything about it, so we decided not to talk about until it was almost available.

Has it been hard not talking about it? Because I can imagine you’d have been pretty excited!

I promise you it was the worse kept secret ever! We tried to keep the name and the album art a secret and it all leaked. We thought man we are the worst at keeping secrets!

Now the new album is called ‘Wonder’, tell us a bit about this title. Is it the theme of the album?

I love the whole concept of the sense of wonder when it comes to God and serving God. The album comes out of 1st Corinthians 13 – love is patient and kind. It really talks about what happens when we collide with that core message – above all thongs love is important. We’ve made sure that it’s up, encouraging, light and bright. We want people to be pushed towards that new direction.  

Is there a new direction or style of this new album? 

We definitely wanted to make it a little brighter. In our previous albums there were some heavy and intense moments, so we really wanted to brighten this one up.

The concept of ‘Wonder’ is just to be in awe of God and encounter his love. We wanted to make sure that people could feel that.

Catching up with Hillsong United 2

Jad, could you tell us about the story of the song titled ‘Wonder’?

It really is about seeing the world through a lens of gratitude, of excitement, of wonder at the prospect of knowing the creator of the earth and knowing his goodness, love and salvation. It’s basically just very exciting, which is the whole point we are trying to get across. It’s about being excited and encouraged by Gods wonder!

What’s it like collaborating together? Is there ever tension as different song writers, or does everyone get along pretty well together in unison? 

Every now and then you have people who are really passionate about something that they’ve created, but for the most part everyone loves working together. That’s where the real creativity and collaboration is. Bringing your best and the collective form moves and changes and improves over the process. Matt Crocker and Joel Houston are really diligent over the lyrics and what the songs actually say. They make sure that it is correct and in line with what we believe and what the bible says. I’m really grateful for that and that they wait to totally articulate what they feel like God wants to say.

Yeah I guess it could be tempting to throw out a phrase that sounds good, but when you go into a bit deeper you might actually have to question if it’s entirely true. I guess that’s the kind of thing you’re trying to avoid?

Yeah the thing is that we are now in the position were people sing our songs, which is very humbling but it’s also a big responsibility. We don’t want to it to put cliché or cheap concepts into their mouths. We want them to sing truth, and so we take that as an immense responsibility.

Thanks for catching up with us Jad! The Hillsong United album ‘WONDER’ is available for preorder now!