We Are Messengers: A Band For Misfits Seeking Faith 


As We Are Messengers gears up for an eagerly awaited Australian tour, lead singer Darren Mulligan caught up with The Fresh Start’s Aaron and Chloe to chat about the band’s evolution, what inspires their music, and the remarkable journey that has defined his faith.

More Than A Band

We Are Messengers has always been more than a band for Darren Mulligan: “We Are Messengers is not just a band; it’s about being a source of hope for a hurt and messy world. We write music that’s honest, urgent, and truthful—bridging the gap for those not quite sure how they fit into this Jesus thing”. Mulligan emphasizes the band’s commitment to authenticity, writing music that is honest, urgent, and unapologetically truthful. Their heart, he notes, is not to be a Sunday morning band but a Saturday night band—a place of belonging for the misfits of faith. He sees the band as a bridge that helps people connect with Jesus, creating a space where individuals can be themselves and trust in the transformative power of God’s love.

Darren Mulligan’s Journey

At the heart of We Are Messengers lies the deeply personal journey of Darren Mulligan. Raised in a traditional Roman Catholic family in rural Ireland, Mulligan’s early years lacked an understanding of the kindness and love that Jesus could offer. His life took a dark turn marked by promiscuity, atheism, and a sense of despair. Mulligan’s transformation began when his now wife, Heidi, introduced him to a Jesus he had never truly known.

“I remember she called me one day on the phone, and said, I’ve got saved, I’ve become a Christian, and I was so mad. I was so angry because she sounded hopeful and it made me angry because she was the only one who understood how dead I felt inside, and now she had this sense of joy in her life.” But in spite of his own feelings he chose to support her faith.

“We had been going to a little church in my hometown in Monaghan, Ireland. The preacher was preaching. He said, you know what, does anyone want to come to Jesus, repent of their sin and turn? And in that moment, I believed God was who he said he was. And I felt all the weight of my sin and my depravity… all of it.

I was terrified. And so I came to Jesus and we got married. And a year later, God told me to confess to my wife a bunch of things that I had done, you know, mistakes I had made and I did… and she threw her arms around me and she kissed me and she said, I forgive you and I love you… and I fell in love with Jesus.”

Mulligan is very transparent about the heart behind the songs he writes, “I write songs from very hard, broken places, and God uses those songs to rescue me.” The vulnerability in their lyrics and melodies serves as a form of medicine for Mulligan’s soul, providing healing and rescue not only for himself but for those who resonate with their authentic story.

‘Where The Joy Is’ Tour

With the completion of a 40-show tour across the United States, We Are Messengers is set to extend the celebration of joy with their upcoming “Where The Joy Is” Australian tour: “We’re going to dance. We’re going to jump. We’re going to shout. We’re going to sing. We’re going to laugh. We’re going to be irreverent. It’s not going to be some stuffy religious experience. We’re going to try and find the joy that is in Jesus together.”

And sharing his hope for the concerts “I’m convinced that God will turn up because I’ve just played a thousand shows and no matter how sucky I’ve been, Jesus has turned up at every one of them and wrecked every single room. And I’m talking on the best nights and I’m also talking on the worst nights. He’s steady. He’s the same. He’s magnificent.”

As We Are Messengers embarks on their Australian tour, audiences can expect more than just a night of music; they are in for an experience of transformation and authenticity. Through laughter, irreverence, and an unwavering belief in the goodness of God, We Are Messengers invites Australians to join them on a journey that bucks tradition and promises an encounter with the joy found in Jesus.


Written by: Aaron Brown – The Fresh Start

Join us for an unmissable evening with We Are Messengers Friday 2 February 2024. Get your tickets here!

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