Well Easter has come and gone for another year. Perhaps you enjoyed a long weekend, an extra day or two off work, awesome services at your church and probably just a few too many Easter eggs.

But now what? Are you already looking ahead to Mother’s Day, a birthday or perhaps even Christmas?

What if we celebrated Easter everyday? 1

Easter is such an important time in the Christian calendar that we can over emphasise it as an event. Please don’t misunderstand, the death and resurrection of Jesus is something that we should most definitely be remembering and celebrating! It’s an event that we should be sharing with pre-saved family, friends and colleagues. Easter is something that we should never water down or forget.

But what if we changed our thought process around Easter? What if we approached the Christian life with the mindset that in fact every day is like Easter?

You see, as Jesus hung upon that cross, bloodied and bruised, He died the most brutal of deaths so that we didn’t have to, not just for Good Friday but for our everyday.

 As Jesus rose again on Easter Sunday, He defeated death and allowed us to live victoriously! Was that just for that specific time and place, or was it for every day and every place? Because of the resurrection we can proclaim each and every day that we are victorious, that in Christ we have defeated death, and that we have an eternal home in Heaven with Jesus!

The events of Easter are much more impacting than the three days around the death and resurrection of Jesus. In fact, because of those events we can declare that every day is like Easter.

Every day Christ is Risen. Every day we have been set free. Every day we are loved so passionately that He would die for us. Every day we should be celebrating Jesus.