‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ Movie Review

‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ is a romantic drama comedy. It takes a look into the Irish culture with romance elements and all the traditions thrown in. It’s the story of a lady called Rosemary Muldoon played by Emily Blunt who has her heart set on winning her neighbour Anthony’s love, but Anthony thinks he’ll never fall in love. When his father who is played by Christopher Walken plans to sell his family farm to an American cousin (John Hamm), he arrives and suddenly there’s a bit of competition when Anthony realises he needs to do something about his love. 

Family Friendly Filter:

  • Rated PG Mild themes and coarse language
  • Jesus name is used a lot as a swear word
  • Some other swearing
  • Some suggestive comments and thematic elements that deal with death
  • No sex scenes or violence
  • 16 years and up may enjoy this film

If you like shows like Doc Martin or Call the Midwife,  you would probably enjoy this film. We aren’t recommending for younger audiences, and obviously go in knowing that Jesus’ name is used a lot in the wrong context, so be mindful that might be an issue if you are selecting to see this movie.