Not all musicians with a Christian faith feel called to the Christian music scene. Here’s a few mainstream artists who you may not have realised claim Jesus is their personal friend.


6 Musicians You Didn’t Know Were Christians 1

Bono has always been very outspoken about his faith, the singer/songwriters works are heavily influenced by his journey and relationship with God. He has also expressed his connection with the biblical David as a musician and his honesty with God in the Psalms which to him are songs of praise and the blues. Overtones can be found in songs like “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for”, “Pride in the name of Love” “Yahweh”, and “40” which is taken purely from Psalm 40. It’s incredible to see a band with such global influence singing out God’s praise in packed stadiums all around the world.


Justin Bieber

6 Musicians You Didn’t Know Were Christians 2

The ‘Biebs’ grew up in family with a strong faith but it unraveled for him when he hit stardom at 16 years old. Over the past few years he’s made a re-connection with God through his friends at Hillsong. Now days he posts often about his faith on social media and how he wants his music to reflect the redemption he’s experienced. The title track of his latest album “Purpose” talks about putting his heart in God’s hands as he forgives his sins and there are rumours circulating that his faith will be the entire focus of his next album!  

Johnny Swim

6 Musicians You Didn’t Know Were Christians 3

Although this husband wife duo are not labeled ‘Christian artists’ they take Jesus wherever they go to spread his love. They believe that Jesus is not just in a Church and have turned the world stage into their worship platform! Abner Ramirez said in a recent interview, talking about how their beliefs affect their music, ‘You are going to have songs that are about what you believe in, spiritually,’ and it certainly comes through in their passion and lyrical references to scripture such as their song ‘Drunks’.  


6 Musicians You Didn’t Know Were Christians 4

When brothers Pete and Jon Hume are playing together on stage at concerts, these boys are worshiping  their maker with the gifts and talents he’s given them. They’ve had a few big hits like “Boys and girls”, “Running” and “See the light surrounding you” which has put them on the Australian music industry radar.  Songs like “Follow the sun”, “We will meet again” and “A world without you”, have apparent Christian overtones which can be heard by those coming from a Christian perspective. In an interview with the boys they said that the songs are up for interpretation and they don’t rule out reference to God in their songs – they just love to worship on stage.  


6 Musicians You Didn’t Know Were Christians 5

OwlCity’s Adam Young is an outspoken Christian whose music has made it into the big time. From his classic hit that helped him get to the top of the music charts “Fire Flies”, and others like “It’s always a good time” with Carly Rae Jepsen. Adams music has appealed to secular audiences and in Christian circles. He’s done covers of worship songs including ‘In Christ Alone,’ and tells his Christian fans to expect more in the future.  


6 Musicians You Didn’t Know Were Christians 6

Upcoming hip-hop artist NF who’s third studio album “Perception” topped the American Billboard Chart for an entire week in October 2017, making him the best-selling musician in the entire country. Although he has pushed against the ‘Christian’ label being quoted saying “If you’re a Christian and you’re a plumber, are you a Christian plumber?” He swears his allegiance to God saying ‘I don’t live for the world. I live for the king.’ In his freestyle rap called ‘Rhyme and Reason – Real,’ NF talks a bit about his faith journey and how God has given him rap to help him along the way.